Friday, 26 July 2013

Wines of the Month (August)

Gewürztraminer - Australia
Back again, this aromatic wine grape variety, despite having a pink to red skin colour creates a white wine possessing a gentle spicy and rose petal aromatic experience.  The variety has high natural sugar and the wines are white and usually off-dry, with a flamboyant bouquet of lychees.  The name Gewürztraminer literally means "Spice coming from Tramin" or "Perfume coming from Tramin".  Although the species originated in Tramin, Italy, it has been produced from the cooler regions of Australia from the Adelaide Hills, Eden Valley and the island of Tasmania.

Gewürztraminer marries beautifully with rich, fatty dishes like pork and goose or ripe cheeses, as well as with the exotic spices of Moroccan, Indian, and Far Eastern cuisines.

Gamay Bergamais
Gamay Bergamais is an interesting blend of Gamay Noir and the Bergamais grape. The Bergamais wines are typically fruity, filling the nose with the aromas of cherries and plums and which exhibits a characteristically light bodied red wine. Bergamais is often served slightly chilled and possesses a colour that is usually lighter than your traditional reds. This paired with the dark-skinned variety of grape (Gamay) which adds a slight hint of strawberries creates a fresh, lively and juicy berry scent wine that delivers a crips finish on the palette. It is the perfect wine for casual parties and events, a 'nouveau style' of wine bringing a degree of sophistication and fun for all to enjoy. Those who favour whites only, may also enjoy this type of wine, as its lightness and taste shares similar characteristics with white wines. It's also the perfect wine to take with you on picnics, a lighter fare such as salads and sandwiches.
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