Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wines of the Month (May)

Gewürztraminer - Australia
This aromatic wine grape variety, despite having a pink to red skin colour creates a white wine possessing a gentle spicy and rose petal aromatic experience.  The variety has high natural sugar and the wines are white and usually off-dry, with a flamboyant bouquet of lychees.  The name Gewürztraminer literally means "Spice Traminer" or "Perfumed Traminer".  Although the species originated in Tramin, Italy, it has been produced from the cooler regions of Australia from the Adelaide Hills, Eden Valley and the island of Tasmania.

Gewürztraminer marries beautifully with rich, fatty dishes like pork and goose or ripe cheeses, as well as with the exotic spices of Moroccan, Indian, and Far Eastern cuisines.

Cabernet / Shiraz - Australia
An interesting blend of the Cabernet grapes variety with Shiraz (Syrah) grape producing a full-bodied wine possessing plenty of dark-fruit flavours with a hint of vanilla oak and spices. This blend coming from Australia keeps the formula as to the proportions under wraps, as this same blend may differ from place to place and season to season.

This bold wine tends to overwhelm light dishes. It is best sipped with red meat dishes, like steak and lamb, heavy cream dishes, and dark chocolate desserts.

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