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Wines of the Month (February)

Map depicting Piesport and the surrounding area
The grapes used to produce these kits were grown in California whose lineage of the grapes were originally sourced from the area around the community of Piesport on the left bank of the Mosel River in Germany. Interestingly, a large Roman grape pressing facility was unearthed at the Piesporter Goldtröpfchen vineyard site in 1985.  This discovery clearly indicates the importance of the vines cultivated on the slopes of Piesporter since 3 A.D.  The Romans recognized that the Mosel region provided ideal conditions and micro-climate for a successful viticulture.  The slope with its east and west facing foothills, are well-protected from the cold winds, combined with the forest above the vineyards and deep, clayish slate soils ensure perfect water supply even during hot, dry summers.

The white wines produced possess a natural, fruity sweetness in a presentation that one can fully enjoy a wine's fruitiness and armoas without having the slightest impression of an overly sweet wine.  The natural sweetness is achieved by stopping the fermentation thus preserving the pure and complete expression of the fruit from their respective sites from the region.

Vieux Château du Roi (Château Neuf Du Pape)
Vineyards located at Château Neuf Du Pape
The name roughly translated is "old house of the king".  Vieux Château du Roi or VCR is a name that wine kits makers' use to represent Château Neuf Du Pape ("new house of the pope") like wine blends.  The original name was coined from the time when Pope Clement V moved to Avignon in 1305 due to a conflict between the Papacy and the French Crown in the historic region in the southern Rhone Valley in France. Apparently, the Pope was an avid wine lover. Aside from being infatuated with wine, Pope Clement V's other memorable historical note was that he was ultimately responsible for suppressing the order of the Knights Templar.  Getting back to the subject of wine, in California, VCR is produced from a blending of a variety of grapes to imitate the complexities possessed by the original Château Neuf Du Pape. Such attributes as the ripeness of the grapes and the oak barrels used in ageing the red wine creates a lush wine with a polished texture.

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