Saturday, 19 January 2013

NSLC versus U-Vint Services

Advertisement appearing in the Chronicle Herald, Saturday, January 19, 2013 reproduced here.

We appreciate and are humbled by the support and public outcry towards the NSLC’s prosecution of u-vint operations and the small businesses that offer these services. Wine Kitz locations in Halifax and New Minas want to apologize to all our customers who planned to use our in-store wineries only to be turned away. With your continued support, we are hopeful we will re-launch our u-vint services in the near future. Water ‘n Wine in New Glasgow continue to offer u-vint services to their loyal customers.

We are preparing to defend ourselves in court on January 28th against the NSLC’s request for a permanent injunction against us. As we have been advised – "you do not take a knife to a gun fight". We intend to have a strong defence, but the cost is significant. We are small business operators and we do not have the deep pockets of the NSLC.

We have asked Premier Dexter and the NDP government to consider withdrawing the NSLC action against us. It is within their power to do so. Both leaders from the other political parties, Steven McNeil (Liberal) and Jamie Ballie (PC) have publicly provided their support for our cause. We appreciate their efforts and continued pressure on the government to change our laws to reflect modern times and the wishes of the people of Nova Scotia.  

We ask that you continue to show your support for a change in the regulations in Nova Scotia. You may contact your local MLA or Premier Dexter‘s office via letter, telephone call (1-800-267-1993) or email at Alternatively, you may visit where you will find a prepared letter to Premier Dexter ready for signing. An MLA listing has also been made available for your convenience. 
Thank you….and wish us luck!

Wine Kitz Halifax        Water’n’Wine New Glasgow         Wine Kitz New Minas

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