Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wines of the Month (November)

Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a green-skinned variety originating from Bordeaux region and Loire Valley of France. Interestingly, the Loire Valley has a long history of
the monarchy in France, notable for the three hundred plus châteaus built there since the 10th century. The French kings and nobility constructed their beginning with castle fortifications in the 10th century to allow for the nobility to remain close to their seat of power. 

This wine is often described by experts as "crisp, elegant and fresh". However, depending upon climate and region, flavour may range from a "grassy" to a sweetly tropical taste.

Sauvignon blanc pairs well with white meats including chicken, pork chops and turkey.  It also goes well with a plethora of sea foods including lobster and Digby Scallops!  

Shiraz - Australia

Shiraz (also known as Syrah) is a dark-skinned grape which may have originated from the Rhône region of southeastern France, named after the Rhône River. Interestingly, the Rhône has been an important highway since the ancient period of the Greeks and Romans. It was the main trade route from the Mediterranean to east-central Gaul. 

The grape variety eventually made its way
to Australia in 1831 by the Scotsman James Busby, who is known as the "father of Australian viticulture".  He had travelled to Europe to collect cuttings from vines primarily from France and Spain for introduction to Australia. 
The wine is often powerfully flavoured and full-bodied. Recently, Australian Shiraz producers have started to add up to 4% Viognier to their Shiraz to add apricot tones to the wine's nose and palate. This full bodied wine pairs well with brisket (slow cooked BBQ), grilled lamb, London broil, beef stew and chili.  Break out the BBQ!

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